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Making My Own Cleaning Products? Help! – Mothering

Making My Own Cleaning Products? Help! – Mothering
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Mkksmom thank you for your suggestions! I really appreciate it. I SO know what you mean about information overload. I have started to create my own little notebook to keep track of all of the information I come across. I’ll share it here. And I know some of these things are controversial…but most are really great ideas and I’m excited to implement them in our new home. We’re going all out with this…lol it will be interesting with no TV or microwave. We’ll have to see how it goes.¬†

General Information

Fluoride is a metabolic poison and will actually damage your teeth. There is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child.

Get Rid of Toxic Plastics

Most plastics leach potential carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals that can screw up your endocrine system. The worst offenders are polyvinyl chloride (V or PVC), polystyrene (PS, a.k.a. Styrofoam, when extruded), and polycarbonate (PC). Steer clear of ¬†these in cooking-oil bottles, cling wrap, microwaveable ovenware, Styrofoam containers, hard-plastic drinking bottles, and in the plastic liners of almost all food and soft-drink cans. Avoid them by opting for glass or cardboard packaging, storing your food in glass or ceramic containers, seeking out cardboard to-go packaging, rinsing all canned food thoroughly, and switching to stainless steel drin…………… continues on Making My Own Cleaning Products? Help! – Mothering

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