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Minnesota flooding: Tips for cleaning up a wet basement

Minnesota flooding: Tips for cleaning up a wet basement
News from TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press:

Worried about water in your basement? Here are pointers from the University of Minnesota Extension, the University of Minnesota Environmental Health and Safety Department, the Insurance Federation of Minnesota and Standard Water Control Systems:

– Take pictures and videos of the mess for insurance claims and tax deductions.

– The water’s probably contaminated, either because it has run through soil or has backed up through the sewer system. So wear boots, waterproof gloves and a protective mask.

– Remove as much stuff as possible, especially things that got wet. If sewage has gotten on an item, throw it out.

– Turn off the power in the water-damaged area. Check with an electrician about what’s safe and what’s not.

– Remove standing water with pails, mops, rags and/or sump pumps. Then suck out all the water you can with a shop vacuum.

– Begin drying the rooms by using dehumidifiers, fans and air conditioning. Using a space heater along with air conditioning will draw moisture out of carpet and walls and into the air.

– Shut doors to the basement — if there’s mold, you don’t want it blowing all over the house.

– Continue with a second disinfecting cleaning. You may use diluted bleach or other products. Check with the University of Minnesota Department of Environmental Health and Safety ( continues on TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

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