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Mold: A Growing Problem for Flood Victims

Mold: A Growing Problem for Flood Victims
News from WNEP-TV:

Victims of the September floods are now facing a growing problem, mold.

If it is not cleaned up properly, mold could be hazardous to your health.

While the damage on the outside of many flood-damaged homes is clear, it is what is now growing inside that could really pose serious health risks.

Theresa Scanlon-Vaccaro gave us a tour of her parent’s badly damaged home in Jenkins Township, a hard hit area in Luzerne County. Mold is covering just about everything inside the gutted house and the garage.

“There’s mold everywhere. There’s mold in the bedrooms, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, the living room, the family room. It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere,” said Scanlon-Vaccaro.

The experts say there is so much mold like this after the most recent flood than in previous ones because in areas hard hit, there’s still no electricity.  That, combined with days and days of rainfall, is the perfect recipe for mold.

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