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Moving Tips: Clean the new home before moving in

Moving Tips: Clean the new home before moving in
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While cleaning the old home before leaving may be a no-brainer, not many may think about the importance of cleaning the new home before moving in. Homes that remain idle, or had a previous owner who wasn’t the tidiest, could have some lingering issues. Taking care of these before unpacking may work best.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the home is clean is to dust, and it could help out tremendously. If you have any family members with allergies, dust can be a huge issue. Scouring the home with a dust mop and cloth, along with disinfecting spray, can take care of the problem.

However, it is important to remember where dust collects. It can be on the floors, in corners, on top of furniture or countertops and also on stairways. You should also vacuum every room, which will help keep dust down. If there are ceiling fans in the home, make sure to wipe these clean, as dust loves to collect on top of light fixtures and fans.

If there are porches to the home, it could be a good idea to clean these before bringing items inside. The cleaner these areas are, the more likely you will be to not track dirt into the home. In addition, examine the basement and see what needs to be done to clean that area. If it is a finished basement, the process may be as easy as cleaning a room. However, if it is unfinished, this could be trickier. Getting a large broom and sweeping gri…………… continues on U-Pack Press Room

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