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No More Smudges: Simple Tips to Clean Your Desktop Screen

No More Smudges: Simple Tips to Clean Your Desktop Screen
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Seeing a smudge on your computer monitor is definitely a nuisance. Good thing there are simple and cheap ways on to clean it. And you can  use the technique to maintain your desktop, tablet, HDTV, and cellphone.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius

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Just because you’re cleaning an electronic device doesn’t mean you’ll need a degree in rocket science to clean. All you need are common household items, as well as stuff that you can see in your kitchen cupboard.

What you’ll need when cleaning your computer monitor is a microfiber cloth. It’s the same cloth that you use to clean your reading glasses, although you’ll need a bigger one for your desktop’s display. You…………… continues on AMOG

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When remodeling your home, whether before or after your moving company arrives with your belongings, you will need to have a contingency plan on how to clean up during the process. There are many different ways that you can do this, and being properly prepared will make everything less stressful.

Keep in mind, whenever you are making additions, such as tearing down walls or pulling up floorboards, there will be a lot of debris in the area. Having items handy in order to dispose of the trash will help cut down on extra work and time wasted.

It is important to either rent or purchase an industrial vacuum when remodeling, as you will always need to get rid of dust. Additionally, there may be pieces of sheetrock and other debris that are difficult to clean up otherwise. By regularly using one of these tools, the cleanup process will be a bit more streamlined.

You will likely also need a broom and dustpan when dealing with the messes in your work area. While the vacuum will get up most of the larger items, as well as sizable piles of dust and dirt, there may be issues with getting up the smaller items. A dustpan, brush and broom will be the perfect combination to deal with this problem. Sweep everything into small piles throughout the area, and take your bru…………… continues on U-Pack Press Room

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