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Cleaning & Organizing Tips » Blog Archive » Norristown’s Laurel House receives large donation through pillow drive from …

Norristown’s Laurel House receives large donation through pillow drive from …

Norristown’s Laurel House receives large donation through pillow drive from …
News from Montgomery Newspapers:

According to one National Sleep Foundation (www.sleepfoundation.org) poll, Americans curl up with an average 2.2 pillows at bedtime. Industry analysts say we’re pretty fussy about our head (or leg or torso or shoulder) cushion of choice, too. Memory foam? Polyester? Down? Take your pick. Guests at New York’s Benjamin Hotel can even select from a 12-item “pillow menu.” Buckwheat, anyone? Magnetic therapy? Water-filled?

Our kids? Well … chances are many of them are snoozing with colorful, premium-priced pillows shaped like butterflies, puppies or ladybugs (for starters) and equipped with built-in night lights.

But what if you had to flee home in a hurry? With minimal baggage. Would your favorite pillow make it into your backpack or duffle?

Because they take in more than 300 victims of domestic abuse annually, the staffers and volunteers at Norristown-based Laurel House shelter value pillows even more than most of us. Many women and children arrive at the organization’s safe house with nothing more than the clothes on their back. But a new bed pillow is one of the first things each receives. A basic necessity, yes. Beyond that, though, a symbol of safety, security and a fresh beginning. That’s how Laurel House sees it.

This area’s Rachel and Troy Foundat…………… continues on Montgomery Newspapers

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Hints From Heloise: Red, red stain
News from Washington Post:

Dear Heloise: Help! I had a party, and now I have RED-WINE STAINS on my beige-colored carpet. Is there anything I can do? — Lorraine D., via e-mail

In your case, at this point, it is best to use a commercial stain remover. In the future, as soon as the spill happens, blot up as much of the wine as you can. Then mix a solution of 1 part mild liquid dishwashing detergent and 20 parts water. With a clean microfiber cloth, blot the stain until color stops coming out.

Then take half-vinegar/half-water and blot the stain to get the last remnants of color out. If you still see the red color, put a 3 percent-5 percent hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and blot.

As always, try out a hidden area of carpet first to make sure you won’t fade the color. Finally, rinse with cold water, blot dry and then allow to air-dry. This is another reason to keep vinegar in your household. I use it regularly, which is why I wrote my Heloise’s Fantabulous Vinegar Hints and More pamphlet. To receive a copy, send $ 5 and a long, self-addressed, stamped (66 cents) envelope to: Heloise/Vinegar, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. Use any leftover vinegar-and-water solution to wipe down and clean plastic, dusty outside furniture. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: When we first moved into our home, the dishwasher did a poor job of cleaning the dishes……………. continues on Washington Post

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