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Proper Cleaning Reduces Corrosion on Spreaders

Proper Cleaning Reduces Corrosion on Spreaders
News from Green Industry Pros:

The biggest challenge in maintaining motorized spreader sprayers is corrosion caused by fertilizer dust that sticks to every exposed part of the machine.

Fertilizer absorbs moisture from the air and becomes an acidic and electrically conductive coating that attacks metal and electrical components. Particularly at risk are bearings, control linkages, electrical starting and charging systems, and key aluminum driveline components. Stainless steel, certain plastics and rubbers are generally not corroded.

Paint and electro-plating are used to protect some components. However, once the slightest bit of base metal is exposed, corrosion begins and, if allowed to continue in the absence of proper cleaning and maintenance, progresses until failure occurs. To make matters worse, corrosion damage is not generally covered by the engine and transmission manufacturer’s warranties. Diligent and daily cleaning will go a long way in extending the useful life expectancy of your Spreader Sprayer.

The following guidelines are provided by PermaGreen and may also apply to other spreader sprayers. However, always follow the maintenance and cleaning guidelines provided by your specific manufacturer.

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