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Red Cross Offers Post-Hurricane Safety Tips

Red Cross Offers Post-Hurricane Safety Tips
News from Patch.com:

Safety Information from the Red Cross

Concord, NH, Sunday, August 28, 2011

As Tropical Strom Irene moves out of New Hampshire, people are starting to return to their homes, cleaning up debris and checking for flooding and wind damage. The American Red Cross in New Hampshire offers important information to keep residents safe as they clean up after the storm and get their lives back in order.

First, follow the advice of local authorities in making sure it is safe to return your neighborhood or home. Have a map to help you re-route in case there is heavy traffic or impassable roads. Take with you an emergency kit of supplies in case utilities are still out, including flashlights, batteries, bottled water, a crank or battery-powered radio, and non-perishable foods. Wear protective clothing, including rubber gloves and rubber boots. If possible, leave ch…………… continues on Patch.com
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Cleaning Up Post-Irene Flooding
News from Patch.com:

Even though residents tried to prepare for Hurricane Irene before the it hit the area this past weekend, many still experienced flooding in their homes.

Now that the storm has passed and some of the water has receded and been cleaned out of homes, the cleaning may not be done yet.

According to Mold Detection and Remediation Specialists, Inc., the key to dealing with a flood is to clean it up correctly to prevent future expenses.

Mold Detection and Remediation Specialists, Inc., which is based in Bucks County as well as New Jersey, states that the first step in dealing with a flood is to get the affected area dry fast because mold growth can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours if the area is not dried properly.

Run fans and dehumidifiers in the affected area and keep the relative humidity below 50 percent, recommends Mold Detection and Remediation Specialists, Inc.

Discard any moisture-damaged porous or…………… continues on Patch.com
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