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Rural Ministry Meets Tioga Needs

Rural Ministry Meets Tioga Needs
News from ithaca.com:

The Spencer Van Etten Breakfast Club began 2015 by welcoming Sister Mary O’Brien of Tioga County Rural Ministry (TCRM) to its meeting at Mc Ann’s in Van Etten on January 8. Started by the Sisters of Mercy in 1978, TCRM is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the poor, sick, and elderly.

O’Brien said her own service with TCRM started after the 2011 flooding. After serving in educational and administrative positions, including a nine year stint in Ithaca, O’Brien said she wanted to work in direct service to the community. O’Brien noted that Rural Ministry is quietly active throughout Tioga County, and she is leading efforts to reach more of those in need in the rural communities of the county’s North.

“We’re building connections in the area to better serve the community,” O’Brien said. “We’re happy to be able to reach out in any way we can.”

O’Brien sent a volunteer to Spencer last October to sign up families for Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets of food, as well as offering Christmas gifts of clothing to children. In one hour 61 kids were signed up from Spencer, O’Brien said. That’s just an example of the surprising need which exists in Tioga County, primarily among the elderly, disabled, and working poor, said O’Brien.

Along with the food pantry in Owego, which…………… continues on ithaca.com

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