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Six spring cleaning tips for weight loss

Six spring cleaning tips for weight loss
News from The Olympian:

When you’re faced with spring cleaning, do you find yourself going wrist-deep into a bag of chips? If half of your closet is sprinkled around your room or your dining room resembles a mail-sorting facility, then your weight loss goals could be suffering from clutter-fueled stress eating and junk-food cop-outs.

“When you can’t find your car keys, it stresses you out; when you can’t locate any item that you know you own, it frustrates you,” said Peter Walsh, organizational expert and author of the new book, “Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down.” And when your environment and mood are out of sorts, it can be harder for your body to stay slim. In fact, a recent Yale study found the stress hormone cortisol may contribute to central (read: belly) fat, and discovered a link between stress and an increased risk of disease.

For “Lose the Clutter,” Walsh ran a test-panel with 25 people who had both clutter and weight issues. The six-week test involved a de-cluttering and organizing assignment, an exercise program, a food plan and a mindfulness practice. The results? Participants lost an average of 10 pounds and reduced their average waist size by 3 inches and their average hip size by 2.5 inches.

Ready to clean up your act? Walsh’s expert de-cluttering tips can help you clean up your home, cut back on stress eating and gain t…………… continues on The Olympian

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News from ABC News:

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