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Smart time

Smart time
News from and energy-saving tips for every room in the house – Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Posted: Apr. 28, 2012 | 1:10 a.m.
Updated: Apr. 28, 2012 | 3:20 a.m.

Keeping your home beautiful, organized and running smoothly is a never-ending task. The chores from the kitchen unfold into the dining room, which spills into the living room, the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room and beyond. Once you’ve added it all up, the amount of time and energy you spend on housework – day to day and year to year – is staggering.

If you feel like your schedule is overloaded – and who doesn’t? – prioritizing time-saving solutions can free up some much-needed time for hobbies, relaxing and spending time with family and friends. “Once you discover new, more efficient ways to accomplish your everyday routine, it’ll be hard to imagine how you ever did it before,” says Kimberly Nies, home economist for LG Electronics USA.

To get started, Nies offers a few pointers, intended to give you a jump-start on getting your whole house in order, room by room. With some simple ingenuity and quick tips for getting the most out of your minutes, you can cut down the time you spend on everyday tasks.

* In the kitchen: Don’t do dishes twice. The kitchen is always a hub of activity, from meal prep to meal clean-up, and the whole process can take hours if you don’t take an efficient approach. The first change you can make: Stop w…………… continues on and energy-saving tips for every room in the house – Las Vegas Review-Journal

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