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Some kids think detergent pods are candy

Some kids think detergent pods are candy
News from Journal Times:

2012-07-27T01:45:00Z Some kids think detergent pods are candyHEIDI STEVENS Chicago Tribune JournalTimes.com

As the number and variety of single-dose laundry and dish detergent packets continue to grow, so do the hazards they present to small children, some of whom are eating them.

“The product looks very similar to a candy product,” says Tom Vierhile, a director at the Datamonitor Group, a business information provider. “They’re very colorful and come in a swirl packet that almost looks like a gummy candy or marshmallow candy.”

From Jan. 1 to July 1, the American Association of Poison Control Centers recorded 1,464 calls about exposures of children 5 and younger, says AAPCC communications manager Loreeta Canton. Some children have swallowed the entire packets, others have bitten into them and ingested mouthfuls of the detergents, Canton says. No deaths have been reported, but Canton says children have experienced vomiting, wheezing and dizziness.

Proctor and Gamble recently announced a re-designed, double-latch lid for their Tide Pods containers in response to news reports about the unintended exposures. But parents, Vierhile says, need to go a step further.

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