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Speed-cleaning tips

Speed-cleaning tips
News from Billings Gazette:

In anticipation of holiday company, many of us deep-clean the home or enlist professionals to help. But what about unexpected guests? Here’s our tips on what to do when your mother-in-law calls with a surprise ETA of 30 minutes:

• Grab and go! Keep everything you use to clean your home ready to go in one cleaning tote, caddy or bucket.

• Clean sweep: don’t worry about switching from vacuum to broom. You can use most upright vacuums on hard surfaces to save time.

• Conquer clutter: if you don’t have time to put away the 57 toys strewn about your living room, simply toss them in a an attractive tote or wicker basket.

• Tucked in: Always made the bed. If the rest of the room is in complete disarray, at least a made bed can quickly tidy up the space.

• Scent-sational: light a candle to infuse the air with scents of the season.

• Rub a dub-dub: Wipe down the shower and tub. No need for a full scrub—just give them a quick swipe with a dampened cloth, then pull the curtain shut.

• Hoover it: Speed-vacuum yourself out of the room, starting in the farthest corner. To save precious time re plugging in the vacuum, invest in a super long extension cord so you can do the whole home in one pass.

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