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Spring Cleaning Our Gadgets – Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning Our Gadgets – Tips & Tricks
News from Chip Chick:

It’s spring, and your house/apartment/living quarters are filthy. The bathroom is awash in soap scum, the stove is coated with remnants of meals past, and who knows what’s lurking under those couch cushions. Unfortunately, the technology boom of the last few decades has left us with one more mess we need to clean up – our computers. Documents strewn across the desktop, spyware stuck in unseen nooks and crannies, and other filthy things need tidying. Might as well get on it now while you get the rest of your house in order.

Before you get into the innards of your computer, handle the physical stuff first. In other words, grab a can of compressed air and a wet cloth, and go nuts. The keyboard is the most obvious (and nastiest) resting place of crumbs and other undesirables, but don’t forget to give your printer a few puffs to prevent future paper jams. Water on a cloth should do fine for your computer and smartphone screens – they don’t take too kindly to Windex. That said you might want to keep your printer dry. Last, but definitely not least, wipe your mouse down. It’s easy to forget about that part, but take a good look at your mouse sometime, and you might just be horrified by what you find. Those things can get nasty.

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