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Stretching Your Dollar: Cleaning your roof for a good price

Stretching Your Dollar: Cleaning your roof for a good price
News from Fox 59:

One Noblesville homeowner is trying to sell her house, but she said her roof looks old and streaked with dirt.

“I didn’t even know the service of roof cleaning existed, until I heard about it from a local company,” said Christina Marcuson. “I thought it would add curb appeal to our home, and I’ve heard buyers make the decision as they are driving by, so I thought a nice roof would catch their eye.” 

The service is offered by Bone Dry Roofing. 

“Home owners aren’t aware roof cleaning is an option,” said the company’s general manager Ryan Hergott.  

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A roof is just like anything else, they need maintenance. That maintenance is needed because of algae and other stuff that eats away at your roof.   It often forms on the shaded side, and it can cut a roof’s life expectancy by years. 

If a roof is not beyond help, cleaning it can increase the life expectancy of your roof and also increase the chance of selling your home.

The cost for a roof cleaning is generally between $ 500 and $ 1,000 depending on the…………… continues on Fox 59

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