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Table linens 101: Fabrics, sizes + cleaning tips

Table linens 101: Fabrics, sizes + cleaning tips
News from FOX 9 News:

by Ross Sveback, rosssveback.com

Table linens are serious business to those of us obsessed with entertaining, from patterns and colors to sizes and fabrics. To others, it can be confusing what to purchase or how to maximize our investment. Here are some of my favorite fabrics and styles of table linens to help you gain an understanding of this entertaining must-have.

Want to know a secret of mine? One of my favorite places to find great linens is Williams-Sonoma!


70″X70″ – 1-4 people

70″X80″ – 6-8 people

70″X108″ – 8-10 people

70″X126″ – 10-12 people

Storing your tablecloth – you can either store folded or rolled onto a large cardboard roll so the cloth stays flat with no creasing.

Types of fabrics

Linen – the most common fabric I prefer due to it’s durability as well as being lightweight. Easy to clean, spot treat stains immediately and you can wash at home on cold. Iron the cloth and store as desired.

Cotton – just as common as linen with a lower price point, used more for casual entertaining, yet can be…………… continues on FOX 9 News

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