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Test Kitchen tips: Cleaning cactus paddles

Test Kitchen tips: Cleaning cactus paddles
News from Los Angeles Times:

Fresh cactus paddles — maybe you’ve seen them in the produce aisle. While still not common in many supermarkets, the paddles are easily found in Latin markets, where they’re known as nopales. The paddles may be prepared in a variety of ways (grilled, pickled, sauteed, etc.) and are added to a host of dishes from soups and stews, to salads — even tacos.

And while the paddles are often cleaned of needles before they’re sold, it’s not unusual to find a batch of prickly paddles at the market, with only a pair of tongs provided to protect your hands as you pick and choose what to take home.

Removing the needles and cleaning cactus takes care, but it’s not that difficult. Follow the jump for a quick step-by-step on cleaning and preparing the paddles to use in the kitchen.

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