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Tips for a Clean, Guest-Ready Home

Tips for a Clean, Guest-Ready Home
News from DigitalJournal.com:

MISSION, KS–(Marketwired – Aug 22, 2014) – (Family Features) Now is the season for enjoying backyard BBQs and poolside parties with friends and family — not being trapped in the house for pre- and post-party cleaning. With a little planning, you can minimize time spent on daily chores and maximize time spent soaking up the sun and creating memories with guests.

Here are a few quick tips to clean and prep your home for a season of get-togethers — anytime day or night.

Load the dishwasher first. When you’re throwing a get-together, the last thing you want is to open the dishwasher to find dirty dishes. Make sure to run the dishwasher the day before your guests arrive to ensure everything is clean when you need it.

Select a machine that delivers on washing and drying performance and avoids do-overs, like the Frigidaire Gallery® Dishwasher. It’s an affordable and efficient option that features the OrbitClean® Spray Arm, which provides four times better water coverage than your average dishwasher for an excellent clean. The dishwasher also delivers a “One Wash. One Dry. One Time.” promise with innovative technology that thoroughly washes and dries the dishes the first time, so you can move dishes straight to the cabinets — no towel drying needed.

Prepare dishes for the wash cycle. To ens…………… continues on DigitalJournal.com

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News from The Providence Journal:

Q. My car has an oil leak and although I don’t care much about it I parked in my neighbor’s driveway and it left a stain. I put some cat litter down and that helped a little but the stain is still there. The good news is he is away for a couple of weeks. What can I do to try to clean up the oil stain and stay friends with my neighbor?

A. The best method is with a pressure washer and a commercial cleaner. Some homemade remedies that people have sent me over the years are: pouring cola on the stain, WD-40 and household dish detergent such as Dawn. I recently talked with someone who swears by a mixture of Woolite and water. All of these generally require some scrubbing and then a rinse and repeat if the stain is still there.

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Q. What do you think about using nitrogen in car tires? I recently had my car serviced and they offered a tire rotation and nitrogen air fill for $ 49.95. The dealer suggested that nitrogen would also improve my car’s gas mileage. What do you think?

A. Nitrogen has been used in racing for years and it has several benefits. Loss of inflation pressure up to 5 percent a month is normal for most tires. Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules and, therefore, are less prone to “seeping” through the tire casing. In addition, it has b…………… continues on The Providence Journal

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