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Tips for cleaning, caring for your Dutch oven

Tips for cleaning, caring for your Dutch oven
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Posted: Thursday, October 9, 2014 8:07 am | Updated: 9:02 am, Thu Oct 9, 2014.

Dutch oven cooking is a staple for many people when they camp. The thick-walled, cast iron pots are traditionally used for outdoor cooking, but models have also been created for kitchen use.

Anyone considering investing in a Dutch oven should realize that cast iron can’t simply be thrown into a dishwasher. The pots need specialized care and cleaning. Here are a few tips to keep your Dutch oven in good condition and to prevent rusting.

‘Seasoning’ the Dutch oven

Before you cook in your Dutch oven for the first time, you should wash it with warm water and mild dish soap, according to popular Dutch oven brand Lodge. You should thoroughly dry the Dutch oven with paper towels or dish towels. It is very important that you completely dry the Dutch oven before further use because prolonged water saturation can cause the cast iron to rust.

Next, you apply a thin layer of liquid vegetable oil all over the Dutch oven, inside and out. Then you place the Dutch oven upside down on a rack inside your oven. Put a few sheets of aluminum…………… continues on WWSB ABC 7

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