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Tips for cleaning up your yard from this brutal winter

Tips for cleaning up your yard from this brutal winter
News from Allentown Morning Call:

Freezing rain creates beautiful lacework as it coats bare branches.While… (FRAN KITTEK, SPECIAL TO…)

February 21, 2014|By Sue Kittek, Special to The Morning Call

The most obvious damage from winter weather is broken tree limbs, uprooted trees and downed wires. Delay all but the most immediate cleanup or repairs until you have an OK from your insurance carrier. Document any damage and contact your agent promptly.

Any limbs that cannot be r…………… continues on Allentown Morning Call

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Tips to Spring Clean Your Deck and Patio
News from Seaside Courier:

(StatePoint) It’s the time of year when sprucing up your deck and patio becomes a top weekend priority. Whether you use the space for entertaining or for solitude, you’ll want it clean, comfortable and safe this spring.

Take time to dust off your outdoor furniture and wipe down cushions that have been in storage all winter. Inspect flower pots, bird feeders and other outdoor décor to ensure they withstood the cooler months. Replace anything that is damaged.

Before setting furniture and décor back, give the surface below a good clean. Whether you’re dealing with cement, brick or wood, the quickest and most thorough way to deep clean and restore surfaces to a like-new condition is with a pressure washer. Knowing how to use one properly is important for a quality job and for your safety.

Usage Tips

• Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques. Ensure you’re following the instructions for the surface you’re cleaning.

• Always read and follow the operator’s manual and all operating instructions.

• High-pressure spray can cut through skin, so never spray people or animals. Wear closed-toed shoes and goggles while pressure washing.

• Assume a solid stance and firmly grasp the spray gun with both hands to avoid injury if…………… continues on Seaside Courier

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