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Tips for cleaning up your yard from this brutal winter

Tips for cleaning up your yard from this brutal winter
News from Allentown Morning Call:

The most obvious damage from winter weather is broken tree limbs, uprooted trees and downed wires. Delay all but the most immediate cleanup or repairs until you have an OK from your insurance carrier. Document any damage and contact your agent promptly.

Any limbs that cannot be reached without a ladder, are too large to handle safely, near power lines or extending over buildings should be handled by a professional. Make sure that anyone you hire to work on your trees is licensed (as an arborist) and insured. Ask for estimates before any work is done and request references.

And what about that snow: Should you remove it or let it slowly melt on your precious landscape plants? As always, it depends.

Plants well-suited to the region’s climate, structurally sound and healthy will often survive the winter unscathed. Old, sick, improperly pruned or improperly planted specimens frequently will lose limbs or uproot.

If the temperatures are frigid, snow is small and light and doesn’t cling to plants. When the temperature rises and approaches freezing, the snow is wet and heavy. This is the snow that breaks wires, downs limbs and causes power outages. So what do you do?

If the snow is heavy, brush it off with gentle upward movements to gradually reduce the weight. Avoid strong downward sweeps that could snap the frozen bra…………… continues on Allentown Morning Call

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Tips for trimming trees, cleaning up debris after ice storm in Myrtle Beach area
News from MyrtleBeachOnline.com:

When trimming or removing trees, please use the following safety tips:

- Stay alert at all times!

- Do not trim trees in dangerous weather conditions.

- Perform a hazard assessment of the work area before starting work.

- Eliminate or minimize exposure to hazards at the tree and in the surrounding area.

- Operators of chain saws and other equipment should be trained and the equipment properly maintained.

- Use personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, hearing protection, etc., recommended in the equipment manufacturer’s operating manual.

- Inspect tree limbs for strength and stability before climbing. Tree trimmers working aloft must use appropriate fall protection.

- Do not climb with tools in your hands.

- If broken trees are under pressure, determine the direction of the pressure and make small cuts to release it.

- Never turn your back on a falling tree.

- Be alert and avoid objects thrown back by a tree as it falls. Residents and homeowners who are planning to burn vegetative debris are asked to use extreme caution this weekend due to warmer temperatures in the forecast. State law requires that property owners notify the South Carolina Forestry Commission prior to burning outdoors by calling 1-800-986-5405. In most cases, the law applies to burning leaves, l…………… continues on MyrtleBeachOnline.com

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