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Tips for Starting Your Spring Cleaning

Tips for Starting Your Spring Cleaning
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A perfect Saturday to get outside – and of course you want to be productive with your weekend – so why not start that spring cleaning!

Many people spent the day outside getting ready for those spring time projects like spending the day in the garden, getting the lawn mower out and preparing for those home improvement projects.

The Do It Center says that March is the perfect time to start getting ready and they have seen many customers coming in with the warmer weather.

“Usually you see the homeowners come on the weekend the construction workers I’ll get all week long but the homeowners Saturday’s Sunday’s that’s when they do their work outside whether they need the equipment or any kind of mulches or any kind of home improvements,” says Joe Rimpley, Sales Manager.

Some tips for your spring cleaning:

1. The first spring cleaning tip is to make a list of what you want to accomplish
2. Another tip for spring cleaning is to make sure you use the right cleaners for the job.
3. Get rid of or re-purpose things you don’t need or want – because someone else might need it!
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