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Tips to keep dish and clothes washers working (and smelling) better

Tips to keep dish and clothes washers working (and smelling) better
News from Pocono Record:

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After water deposits, Scott Mathiesen said, too much detergent is the main reason for a dirty dishwasher. Mathiesen owns Jewell TV & Appliances on lower Main Street, Stroudsburg.David Kidwell/Pocono Record

July 24, 2012

Your dishwasher and clothes washer will last longer if you do one thing: clean them.

Many people view these appliances as self-sufficient and carefree, but they need regular TLC, too.

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Cleaning your house is a must. You might either do it yourself or hire a domestic-help to do it for you. When you are cleaning your house, you have to be very careful. A small blunder can put you at the risk of an accident. So, use the right tools and equipments to make sure that the house cleaning is a safe task. If you are a home cleaning freak, here are few safety tips to keep in mind.

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Be confident: Make sure that you can do the cleaning. There are few nooks and corners where you cannot reach easily. So, before climbing the ladder or a stool, see that you can handle your body and balance your weight while cleaning. For example, cleaning fans or lights can be a tricky task. So, make sure that you can reach the height easily and clean without harming yourself.

Equipments: Pick up the right equipments for the task. Before cleaning the house, see what all equipments are required. Make sure you do not pick up too many equipments. Choose multi-purpose tools that can be handled easily and helps you in your task too. This is one of the most important safety tips to keep in mind before cleaning your house.

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