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Tips To Raise Tidy & Clean Kids

Tips To Raise Tidy & Clean Kids
News from BoldSky:

Kids are highly active and in parents words, “Careless and irresponsible”. Do you remember when your mom used to yell at you as you always threw the towel on the bed and the dirty school socks on the floor? When there are kids in the house, maintaining a clean and well decorated house is very difficult. Kids would throw things all around the house. Surprisingly, even while studying, they will sharpen the pencil and throw the waste on the floor. It is not their fault. How would they know that they are making a mistake?

Parents need to make sure that the kids learn to stay tidy and clean. You have to make them know that cleanliness is a part of a good lifestyle. Here are few smart tips to make your kids learn how to stay tidy and clean.

Tips to raise tidy kids with fun:

Bring interest: It is very important to bring the interest of your kid towards cleaning. You can make any household chore a fun filled game if you bring the right interest of your kids towards the task. Show them how cleanliness helps in reducing more unwanted work. For example, kids take out clothes carelessly from the shelf and the whole heap falls down. They will dump it inside the space and once when they do not get the clothes, the kids will have to re-arrange the wardrobe. By taking out clothes in the right format will not…………… continues on BoldSky

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Facility Management Back to School Tips
News from Buildings:

The first days of school are upon us.  Facility managers, it’s time to get plans together that will ensure that school hallways, classrooms, and restrooms stay pristine beyond the first day of classes. In order to protect the health and academic performance of students, Cintas Corporation has announced three facility management cleaning principles to stand by to make the back to school transition a painless one.

Improve IAQ. Indoor air quality is a commonly cited problem contributing to absences and poor school performance in educational facilities. To improve IAQ, place matting at all entrances and high traffic zones of the school to prevent particulates such as dust and dirt from being tracked in the building. Matting placed inside locker rooms and exterior entryways will also help prevent soil, mud and water from traveling inside the building. To maintain fresh IAQ and clean facilities, ensure that matting is regularly laundered to remove captured debris.

To further address IAQ concerns, schedule A/C coil deep cleaning services to remove the buildup and mold that accumulates in frequently used units. A/C units that have not been properly maintained can cause odors, trigger allergie…………… continues on Buildings

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