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Tom: Essential tips for cleaning & sharpening knives

Tom: Essential tips for cleaning & sharpening knives
News from WWL First News:

Q. I recently acquired an authentic Chinese cleaver. I love how it gets big cutting jobs done quickly, especially when I’m working with bones. But it’s pure steel and rusts every time I wash it. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent this? Also, where can I get my knives sharpened professionally?

A. Never wash kitchen knives the way you wash everything else! Never ever put knives in the sink with all the dishes and tableware! And never, never, ever put knives into the dishwasher!

Professional cooks give their knives a quick cleaning immediately after they’ve finished using them. They run water over the blades, scrubbing them with a plastic-bristled brush if necessary. Then they wipe them dry with a towel, and put them away, preferably in a block. That routine is especially important for the kind of metal you seem to have in that cleaver. I must tell you not to get too attached to that cleaver, as any knife that rusts that easily is far from the best quality.

Good knives in normal use need to be sharpened only rarely–once or twice a year. I have knives that go unsharpened for many years while still cutting efficiently. What you must do before each use, however, is to use a steel to true the edge frequently. The one I have is coated with diamond dust. Only a negligible part of the blade comes off the blade when you do that.

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