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Top tips for organising your new home

Top tips for organising your new home
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

I used to be a wee bit obsessive-compulsive about having a tidy house. It was my attempt at imposing order on a chaotic universe. Children fixed all that – they left me without time or energy to indulge in OCD-like behaviour.

But my youngest recently turned 18, and I’m free again; free to spend time brushing crumbs out of the cutlery tray, wiping grime off the door-knobs and refolding my Irish linen to prevent wear lines – if only I had the stamina.

Of course the best time to organise your home is when you first move in; start as you mean to go on. Getting organised may seem all too hard when you’re already worn out with the business of relocating your life, but you’re going to have to unpack and set up anyway, so why not lay the foundations of a more orderly existence in the process?

Have all the little things in order an…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald

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Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Humming for the Holidays
News from Fox News:

So, you got through Thanksgiving – but you’re not done yet. 

From here until the New Year, there’s a whole lot of potential entertaining coming your way. Be it the cookie baking you do for friends, family, and the poor, beleaguered UPS guy, the annual holiday cocktail party for which you’ve become oh-so famous, or those unexpected, “Surprise!” holiday overnights guests who show up to ring it in with you and yours, now is a great time to get your kitchen appliances in tip-top shape.  It can save you time some cash to boot – and who doesn’t need that this time of year?

Below, are a few easy tips for keeping things humming—and toasting, and whirring, and chilling—along, so the heart of your home ready for anything, come what may. 

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