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Toxin Alert: Common Household Items to Avoid for Better Indoor Air Quality

Toxin Alert: Common Household Items to Avoid for Better Indoor Air Quality
News from One Green Planet:

Air pollution is a very real environmental concern. Although we often associate air pollution with what’s happening outside, the air inside of your home can very well be polluted too. Whereas outdoor air pollution is driven by burning fossil fuels and emissions from the animal agriculture industry, as well as other, indoor air pollution is largely due to the chemicals in the household products we use.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) are one of the most prevalent groups of chemicals used as ingredients in household products in homes today. These chemicals evaporate at room temperature and are emitted into the air as gases. Many chemicals that fall under this category pose a threat to human health.

Exposure to low levels of VOCs for short periods of time can lead to an increase in respiratory problems, nausea, dizzi…………… continues on One Green Planet

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