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Cleaning & Organizing Tips » Blog Archive » Union Mission in Latrobe extends holiday spirit of giving through year

Union Mission in Latrobe extends holiday spirit of giving through year

Union Mission in Latrobe extends holiday spirit of giving through year
News from Tribune-Review:

What started as an act of Christmas giving to the Union Mission in Latrobe now stretches throughout the year for a group of families in the area.

Sherry Bialas of Bradenville in Derry Township said the food and clothing donated Dec. 23 were worth about $ 2,000, but the giving began as a way to teach the teenagers of the families about giving.

“As the kids got older, I think it was important for them to learn that they’re lucky to have what they have and there are people who aren’t as lucky as they are,” she said.

Bialas has been participating for about three years with her 17-year-old daughter Armenda and 20-year-old son T.J.

T.J. Bialas said that when his family started participating, he knew it was a good thing to do, but he now understands the purpose even more.

“Christmas is meant to be for giving, but (some) people don’t understand that people who are in need need things all year,” he said.

The Union Mission is a nonprofit temporary shelter with 14 beds that provide support for up to four months for men referred to them from local agencies like the American Red Cross, totaling about 200 men per year.

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