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Valley Green Tips: Green spring cleaning

Valley Green Tips: Green spring cleaning
News from Conway Daily Sun:

Sparkling wave, apple and spice,
After the rain, Hawaiian paradise,
Vanilla blossoms, ocean breeze,
Why is this “fresh” air making me sneeze?

My aunt, who lived next door when I was a kid, always kept a clean house. At least I learned to think of it that way. It smelled like bleach, pine scented floor cleaner, potpourri carpet deodorizer and lemon furniture polish, except when she and my uncle were packing up the house in the fall to leave for Florida, when the smell of moth balls overpowered everything else. To make up for that, when they returned in the spring, she had air fresheners in every room — the white plastic upside down ice cream cone contraptions of the 80s with the mysterious hot pink or baby blue gelatinous sticky stuff inside that was supposed to smell like flowers — flowers that don’t grow anywhere in nature and are probably now encapsulated in a landfill for eternity.

One of the most invigorating and long awaited moments of spring is the first opening of windows and airing of the house. Isn’t it wonderful? I’ve heard many friends and neighbors remark this week, “It feels so good…the air smells so…fresh.” Have you ever honestly heard anybody say this about an air freshener?

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