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Zen, and the art of letting it go

Zen, and the art of letting it go
News from Spencer Daily Reporter:

I have a pair of white dress pants that I washed with a dark shirt sometime last summer. Had these pants been denim, they’d be “stone-washed” and I could wear them while hanging pictures of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch in my locker.

Unfortunately, since it’s 2014 and I’m not 16 and coordinating my scrunchie to my boyfriend’s letter jacket, the pants are just stained. And no amount of bleach or detergent is going to reverse the situation.

And yet it still took me upwards of a year to throw them out.

I have a hard time getting rid of things that might someday, in a once-in-a-lifetime circumstance, still be of use. If I can find a post on Pinterest with a way to reuse it or make it look “good as new,” it stays. Until recently.

Maybe it was actually spring cleaning my closet last weekend, when I realized I didn’t have enough shelves or hanger space to house all my winter clothes, summer clothes, maternity clothes, and clothes I bought at Goodwill because they were only $ 4. Maybe it was the moment I looked at my now-clean closet and asked myself, “Do I really need two Rubbermaid tubs of sweaters?” (Answer: Probably not)

When I created my New Year’s goal this year (“resolution” sounds too stuffy and intimidating), I decided to organize my life — physically, mentally and digitally. At the time, I truly felt that meant categorizing all of…………… continues on Spencer Daily Reporter

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Simple salt, WD-40 reduce burden of familiar problems
News from Tri-State Neighbor:

If you spill a pan of grease on the floor, or even a raw egg, just pour a good amount of plain table salt on it to completely cover the mess. Wait about 30 minutes, and most of the time you can pick up all the mess with a spatula and then wipe up the floor with no more egg glop or grease dribbles to slip on while trying to clean away a mess.


Spring is here and that means fleas in the dog house. Years ago, a friend told me to scrub out the doghouse with a strong saltwater solution every spring and maybe one more time during summer time. The salt will kill the fleas and their eggs. We’ve done it for our dogs ever since, and we haven’t had any fleas.


To keep the color from fading from certain clothes such as expensive blue jeans, put a cup of salt in your washing machine along with the detergent the first time you wash them. The salt will “set the dye,” and the jeans will hold their color for a long time.


An Iowa reader wrote that it helps to spray WD-40 on a rag and wipe down the hood, grill and bumpers of your vehicles after they get their spring cleaning. Then if you run into a swarm of bugs while on the road, you can easily wipe them off with a cloth. The WD-40 prevents them from sticking like glue to the finish of the vehicle (it also works on the headlights).

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